ObjectManager - Replace: Search & Replace Strings in Zope Objects.


This view allows you to locate Zope objects and to search & replace strings in those objects.

To search & replace strings, you specify object search criteria and the string you want replaced - along with the replacement string - and then click the Replace button.

A replace operation can be undone by selecting the corresponding call to manage_replaceResult in the Undo view.

This version of ReplaceSupport works for all Zope objects that have a replace handler defined. These are currently DTML Documents and Methods, Python Scripts, Z SQL Methods, and Page Templates. To add handlers for other object types see the HANDLERS.txt file in the product directory


Find objects of type
The types of objects to find.
with ids
The ids of objects to find. You may specify one or more ids separated by spaces.
replace the string
The text that must be contained in the body of found items. Text in the title or other attribute fields will not be searched. Note that the body does include an eventual parameter list!
with the string
This is the replacement string. It can be emtpy in which case the search string is effectively deleted from the object(s).
Allows you to restrict your search to a specific time period. You can choose whether to search objects before or after a specified date/time.

Note: The date should be a DateTime string such as YYYY/MM/DD hh:mm:ss, YYYY-MM-DD, or hh:mm.

Search only in this folder
Find objects in this folder.
Search all subfolders
Find objects in all subfolders.
Search & replace strings according to the specified criteria.