CEBI Italy S.p.A.

Formerly So.Ge.Mi. S.p.A



The facility of CEBI Italy S.p.A. in Osimo is a partner of the international automotive industry supplying products for more than 20 automotive brands.
Thanks to its production of car components such as washer bottles, pumps, closing mechanisms and actuators, CEBI Italy has become a key partner for the international automotive industry.
Many European automotive manufacturers choose one or more CEBI  products for their vehicles.


There is a strong vertical structure both to CEBI Italy and its production processes employed in-house, from design, through testing of the assembly, to final manufacturing, all managed and controlled within the Company: everything happens inside. 
CEBI Italy's main target is the satisfaction of the customer requests and a long-term and successful partnership with all of its customers; and just through its innovative capabilities, high design technology, highly automated processes, reliable quality and logistics, its objective will be easier to be reached.


CEBI Italy thanks all the customers and the suppliers for the trust and continous support to achieve common goals

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